Dewatering centrifuge beneficiation plant

Centrifugal machine usually utilized in coal technology, mining machinery engineering and coal beneficiation industry which uses the centrifugal pressure to split up liquid and solid. Dewatering centrifugeis a type of washing equipment thatuse high-speed inner cylinder rotating to sling out thewater found in subject. Centrifugal machine could be split into: leakage dehydrator, unloading dehydrator, stationary centrifugal dehydrator, activity type dryer.

Operating process of dewatering centrifuge

1. Place the dehydrated material intorotating-drumevenly, give consideration to balance,uniformity and overload.

2. After beginning the motor by about 90 seconds, the device start to operate normally and also the pipe beginsto drain off water by the bucket load.

3. We have spent six to eight minutes approximately, no water outflows soyou can reduce off energy supply. After1-2 minutes, gradually open and cut stopping arm for many occasions then your machine stopped.

Primary structure of dewatering centrifuge

1. There unique feet dangling types structure, can steer clear of the vibration that created since the load is uneven.

2. The cylinder and spend ofIndustrial centrifugal machine are constructed with stainless.Move gallbladderare made from stainless plate and cage base, chassis are surefire material, the pipe within the chassis below.

3. Main shaftuses our prime quality steel and were finish machining by warmth treatment

4. Adopt a sticky tape of trigonometry of transmission,it’s driven the wheel through the electrical machinery to begin.Stroll unhurriedly and begin towards the normal spinning speed.Turning round doesn’t have vibration continuously.

5. There have been brake switching arm, and brake performance is nice, could make the device stopped rapidly.

Operation cautions of dewatering centrifuge

1. The operator must know about the dwelling, performance and operation method of the device.

2. Checking the transfer gall bladder before operating, make certain that it may work normally.

3. Place the dehydrated material into transfer gallbladder evenly to be able to avoid laterality, therefore it can run easily.

4. Don’t place anything above it.

5. Throughout running,once found abnormal phenomenon, you ought to immediately stop energy supply, brake lower to inspection.

6. The device should be regularly overhaul and add some lubricating oil the vast majority annually.

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